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about us

a statement

Mumbai, we thought, faced a serious shortage of theatre spaces.

Theatrical work in the city, we felt, was being handicapped by the constraints of over-familiar and over-used venues.

We started the industrial theatre co. to discover and popularize alternative spaces for theatre in Mumbai.

Before too long, we discovered how complicated the dynamics of getting people to frequent exciting new spaces really are.

And quickly moved back to using theatres.

Today we'll work anywhere.

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A-114 Karachi Housing Society
Andheri(W), Mumbai 400 053, India

more about the company

the industrial theatre co. has consisted of Nadir Khan, Pushan Kripalani and Rehaan Engineer ever since Karan Makhija, the fourth founding member, moved on.

nadir khan has worked widely in the theatre as actor, director and producer. A founding member of Q Theatre Productions, he has worked for radio with the BBC as well as with a local Mumbai radio station.

pushan kripalani studied film in the U.K. He is a practicing cinematographer and theatre director.

rehaan engineer trained at the R.A.D.A.. He currently lives and works in Mumbai, directing and acting in the theatre and in film.