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clogged arteries

written by
Shiv Subrahmanyam

It isn't going well for Avinash:

his new film has major logistical problems, someone has parked in his spot, his girlfriend has been busy all week, his wife is seeing someone half her age, his self-help yoga tape is stressing him out, his friend is on the run from the cops, his son has just told him he's gay and his daughter has just told him she's pregnant.

And now he's having a heart attack, during what may just be the best sexual experience of his life.

the industrial theatre co. presents

Shiv Subrahmanyam's meditation on Life, Bollywood, Art, Love, Infidelity, Sexuality, Relationships, Poetry, The Cosmos, Drugs, Booze, and Butter. Always Butter.

Now with more Salsa than ever before!!

& Yet more gratuitous nudity from Sohrab Ardeshir!!

A fun-filled evening for all those over 12 years old and under 160 pounds!!


Meherangiz Acharya-Dar
Avantika Akerkar
Sohrab Ardeshir
Neil Bhoopalam
Fresihia Bomanbehram
Divya Jagdale
Arghya Lahiri
Ashwin Mushran
Ayesha Raza
Digvijay Sawant
Sahil Seth
Amit Singh
Shivani Vakil

Arghya Lahiri
Inaayat Ali Sami

Gautam Dhanu

produced by
Nadir Khan

directed by
Pushan Kripalani

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