design: sujai

sexual perversity in chicago

written by
David Mamet

It is the early 70's.

The Chicago singles scene is a hotbed of opportunity for Danny and Bernie, two red-blooded males playing the dating game in bars, libraries, and beaches - anywhere that women can be found.

They meet two young women, Joan and Deborah.

Danny and Deborah have an affair.

Bernie and Joan watch from the sidelines, cynical and disparaging, and assist in the relationship's inevitable destruction.

A series of swift sketches set amid filing cabinets and the nervous regimentation of the singles bar scene trace Danny and Deborah's falling-in and falling-out of love in a comedy of our failure to learn.

With his keen eye for human absurdity and unparalleled ear for dialogue, Mamet documents his characters' enthusiasms and disaffections, their casual attachments and not-so-casual separations in their continuing struggles with themselves and each other.

In the process he delineates a world rife with chaos and casual devastation, but one that surprises, most of all, by its longing for love.


Aadya Bedi
Vinay Jain
Nadir Khan
Shanaya Rafaat

production design
Yamini Namjoshi

lighting design
Zuleikha Allana

directed by
Rehaan Engineer

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