design: sujai

the maids

written by
Jean Genet

Subuhi Jiwani, in Time Out Mumbai, Vol.I, Issue 4, 2004:

Complex is often not equated with fascinating but Pushan Kripalani's re-staging of French dramatist Jean Genet's absurd play The Maids (1948) is fascinating because of its complexity- and because of the way it's been staged. Kripalani handles this weighty play carefully, and his adaptation maps the distance between then and now, France and India without too much baggage.

Genet based his play on the heinous murder and mutilation of one Mme Lancelin by her maids, the Papin sisters, in Paris in 1933. We're drawn into the power games the maids play- Clare plays Madame and bosses her older sister Solange, then Solange launches into Madame's role only to return almost immediately to her masochism.

Shanaya Rafaat, who plays Solange, gives a textured performance, especially towards the end when she delivers an extended monologue moving maddeningly fast between characters and phantasms.


Ira Dubey
Suchitra Pillai
Shanaya Rafaat
Imogen Butler-Cole

production team
Harishri Babuji
Ayesha Raza

Arghya Lahiri
Yael Crishna

directed by
Pushan Kripalani

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