design: sujai


written by
Girish Karnad


  1. Identity [n.]: the collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known.
  2. Love [n.]: [1] a deep affection or fondness for a person or thing. [2] sexual passion, sexual relations.
  3. Death [n.]: the act of dying, termination of life; also the state of being dead.
  4. Complete [adj.]: having all necessary or normal parts, components, or steps; entire.
  5. We would like to point out that the story of Devadatta, Kapila, and Padmini derives from that of Dhavala, Vimala, and Madanasundari, from Somadeva's 11th-century "Kathasaritsagara".
  6. And that "Hayavadana" translates as 'the one with the face of a horse'.


Rohit Bagai
Arush Chopra
Yuki Elias
Romi Jaspal
Nadir Khan
Karan Makhija
Yamini Namjoshi
Shanaya Rafaat
Kunaal Roy Kapoor

Pushan Kripalani
Vivek Rajgopalan
Antonia von Schoening
Jay Thakkar
PJ Thomas

Siddhanth Pinto
Arghya Lahiri

production design
Pushan Kripalani
Antonia von Schoening

produced by
Nadir Khan

directed by
Rehaan Engineer
Pushan Kripalani

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