design: sujai

molly sweeney

written by
Brian Friel

Molly Sweeney, blind since infancy, leads a contented and fulfilling life despite her disability. She is happily married to Frank, a passionate and impulsive champion of good causes and a self-taught expert in Iranian goats, blue-back salmon, and Ethiopian bee farming.

Frank becomes increasingly fascinated by his wife's impaired vision and endlessly researches ophthalmology and philosophical issues related to her blindness. With boundless energy and enthusiasm, he finally convinces Molly to undergo a series of operations that could restore her sight.

Their hopes are tied to Mr. Rice, a world-renowned eye surgeon who fled New York and his career for the Irish countryside after his wife left him for one of his colleagues. He still prides himself on having been a "young Turk," respected and celebrated wherever he appeared, and his dormant ambition of proving himself one last time is awakened when he meets Molly.

We hear the story from the perspectives of Molly, Frank and Dr. Rice, as their monologues weave together to create a powerful drama underscoring the connection between vision and understanding, and how we create the worlds in which we live.


Vijay Crishna
Rehaan Engineer
Shernaz Patel

costume design
Yamini Namjoshi

Nadir Khan

produced by
Nadir Khan

directed by
Rehaan Engineer

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